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    Advice Please: I need to decide about importing coffee to the U.S.

    I've been reading some of the posts on importing coffee to the US and based on what I'm reading, I may not move forward with plans of importing.

    I'm retiring to Colombian next year (I'm married to a stunning Colombian mujer) and started exploring business opportunities. The first one obviously was the coffee thing....

    We're good friends with a Colombian coffee grower from Armenia who expressed an interest in the US market. The coffee is damn good. I'd love to bring it to the US but based on what I'm reading, I don't know if the margins are good enough to justify the effort.

    So I got a question for the experts....

    Would you:

    1. Forget about it. Enjoy the coffee and find another opportunity.


    2. Do more research, it's possible the margins may be worth it.


    3. Other _____________ ( fill in the blank )



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