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    Your recommendation and advice for Turkish coffee blends

    Hello Experts

    I am in a process of establishing a small coffee-factory in Egypt.

    I would like to know your recommendation for Turkish-coffee-blend, what do you prefer, what are your recommendations ?

    I am thinking of (Brazilia-Santos 70% + Harrar 30%) , do you think is it a good combination ?

    Thanks very much

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    Thanks topher.

    But there is a problem with coffee-tasting, whatever the taste you like, you will not be sure that it will be accepted with mass production... right ? how can you handle this case ?

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    In the case of Turkish coffee (and all coffee really), the roast is going to matter just as much, if not more than the beans (SCA Roasting Foundations course teaches that 80% of the flavor of a coffee is achieved during the roasting process). If you ruin the roast, it doesn't really matter if you have the best beans in the world. On the opposite scale, I have roasted some of the lowest quality commodity beans with great reviews.
    Find out what color the competition is roasting to, check several different companies (make sure they are using 100% coffee, some Turkish coffee has fillers and additives...) and check their coffee on an agtron or similar roast testing machine. If you stick to the roast profiles adopted by the region you are targeting, you should be fine. Coffee preference is generally a regional matter as well as personal, so each area will have it's own style. Cater to your market and you will do well.
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    Thanks very much for your reply, Very helpful information.

    But do you think can I find online-resource (paid or free) talking about popular or famous Turkish-blends (either in Egypt or generally) ?



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