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    Is anyone selling and shipping roasters and grinders to Egypt?


    I am wondering if anyone selling and shipping industrial roasters and grinders to Egypt ?

    I would like to know the overall prices and quality (if datasheets for the machines can be provided, this will be great).


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    Talk to Erkan Aydin. I know that he would be able to get you in touch with a local dealer.
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    Thanks very much, I sent him a contact-request, once accepted I will be able to send him a message.

    Thanks again.

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    You mentioned you might go with Toper for the grinder. Have you thought of using their roasters? Toper Coffee Roasting Machines, grinders, silos, supporting units If you want you can pm me and I can tell you about my experience on their equipment. I used their 120, 10 and 2 kilo roasters.
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    @topher , I just ordered a Toper roaster ... I sent you a PM



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