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    Espresso Machine Techs: Questions about the trade

    Hello to all the techs out there,

    I've been offered a job in the industry and am hoping to pick your brains a bit! I have no industry experience other than rebuilding my own e61 machine. They are taking the chance and are willing to train me. I've been in another industry for over ten years but I'm finding it to be getting dull. I'm looking for a change and this happened to come along. I'd be stoked to hear what you have to say. Here's a few questions:

    How did you get into the trade?
    Have you had previous experience?
    What do you love about the job?
    What do you not like about it?
    Are emergency call outs very frequent?
    What might I not expect from this job?
    Pay (maybe if you can let me know the range a jr. tech could make)

    I do eventually want to open a cafe with my wife (who has coffee shop experience) in the future and I see this as a good way to develop relationships and connections as well as getting to know more about the industry.

    What do ya think?




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