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    If you need to develop an effective application for android, then I recommend that you familiarize yourself with Here you will find a list of the best developers of mobile applications at the moment. I think that based on the information presented in the article, you can easily find the right company

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    Well it all depends on your development background.
    Assuming that you have no development background at all, you can either pay a freelance developer or company to develop your app. There are many sites online that you can find freelance programmers that will be able to do this for you given your specifications.
    Depending on what you need for your shop, there might even be products out there that fit your needs and all you will need to do is buy the product and get the developers to customize the product for your Shop. Think of it just like Point of Sale software that you buy and is customized to your shop.
    But if you would like to develop the app yourself you will need to start learning how to program. This is not a simple task. It will require from you many hours learning the basics of programming and only then once you have a descent grip you can start learning the framework and languages that you will need in order to develop you app. Actually, it can be whatever website, application, chatbot and even Telegram channel. Here I found for you a great pitch.


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