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    Cool Help Please: Where can I buy a Liberica coffee plant ??

    Hi guys!

    New to the coffeeforum community, but longtime coffee lover. My father has always loved coffee, and he is turning 70 years old this year, and it's been a dream of his to grow Liberica coffee in his backyard.

    I've been searching up and down for any plant or seeds that anyone is selling, to no avail. If anyone can offer assistance/advice, I would really appreciate it. Please let me know!!!

    Thank you so much,


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    Hi libericafan,

    You don't mention where your father lives. Climate is a very important factor, if you want the coffee plants to thrive.

    I'm sure people are going to wonder about where you'll be attempting to grow the coffee.

    Have you done any research to get information about how long it takes for the coffee plants to grow before they actually produce flowers and coffee cherries? By the time your father sees any results, it may be well over five years from now.

    Is it important for you to find Liberica coffee plants? There are a lot of garden supply stores on-line that sell coffee plants, but they're not Liberica.

    ~ Rose

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    Hi Rose,

    He lives in South Florida & the Liberica plant should be able to thrive there. I know there are Arabica and Robusta plants for sale, but those are very different kinds of plants. It is Liberica that he wants.

    Time to get the beans (coffee) is not actually important, it's the plant he wants.



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