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    An Instagram page can be promoted in different ways. The first one that is considered the most honest and correct, but hard to achieve is to keep posting daily pics, stories, and posts. These will make the content more interesting and catchy, thus attracting more followers, views, and comments. More people will keep visiting your profile, the more popularity you will have. It’s all about the activity you will have on your page. Personally, I have noticed that the more I post, the more feedback I get from other people. Another way to promote the account is to buy real instagram likes, views and followers. I don’t understand this method, because eventually Instagram will catch those fake accounts and delete them. It will work only for a short period. However, how can you buy Instagram video views? There are intermediary apps, which help you to achieve higher popularity. Overall, if you want to promote something just keep posting as crazy all that pops up in your head and feed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steffi View Post
    I want to try trading coffee on instagram. Is there anyone who is in the subject? Can you advise me where to start?
    Hi Steffi,
    Describe yourself more broadly please, people are asking questions to know details from you, willing to help you and we are waiting for your sounds.

    Thanking you


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