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    Looking for a partner or an investor interested in a coffee shop startup

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Frank a Nigerian (I know this is a red flag for most people while discussing a sensitive issue such as money. I have to do this anyways).

    I've had this idea I've been working on since my first year on campus to open a mobile pop-up coffee shop on campus (not new to westeners) but down here the idea seems very crazy since most people, Africans especially don't have a strong coffee culture (used to instant coffee here). I was moved nonetheless, to do this against the odds because on that cold morning, I paused and pondered who wouldn't cherish a good cup of coffee to kick-start their day and since campus is where you need to always be ontop of your game (eureka! This is it), then and there I saw a way I could better help the university community by helping them achieve more out of life with a strong and healthy cup of coffee.

    This is something I believe will make a huge impact beyond just coffee, something that has had me dreaming and working since the first day I had this idea. Now I'm in my third year in school and I still feel the same way; even more passionate.

    I have done my homework, feasibility study, market research, prepared a pitch (pitched a few times on entrepreneural events on campus), have a good business plan, a verified Google My Business listing, bought a domain name, been saving myself and have everything figured out so far. I'm looking for a partner or an investor who's willing to pool in some money to help me startup; capital to purchase equipment such as an espresso machine and a grinder as these machines are very pricy and my savings can't cover them all at the moment.

    If this sounds cool to you, I'm prepared to provide more information, share business plans and my pitch deck with you and any other information you might need.

    PS: I'm looking to raise around $3,000 to cover mostly brewing kits (an espresso machine, a grinder, pictcher et all).

    Thank you.
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