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    Help Please: Looking for a standard way to add milk or cream to coffee

    With the current situation in the world I was wondering does anyone have a solution to measuring out people's milk or cream for their coffee?
    Right now Im spending time with each person asking if their coffee looks right or not.
    Keep in mind we want all the work done by the barista because of Covid.
    I know there are large expensive solutions but I was wondering if there is something obvious Im missing.
    (We tried using shot glasses but that proved to be too messy)

    Thanks for any input.
    Keep well.

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    Have you looked into sureshot machines? Let your customers do it for themselves. Not a cheap solution but works great!!
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    When ordering a coffee that someone else will make for me I tend to say "Just little bit of skim milk. I like my coffee dark." That lets the barista have a rough idea what I'm looking for. To start measuring milk is way too difficult. If we are going to get that picky about quantity of milk in our coffee, then we should be making our own. Or, just order it black and pour your own.
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    @topher - the sureshot machines look good but to expensive unfortunately.
    @MntnMan62 ya totally thats how we are surviving right now. Also about allowing others to measure out the milk and cream, we dont allow that right now with covid.
    We partitioned our cafe, we try to minimize handling of stuff between people.

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    You could always print out a coffee and cream color chart and let people order by the color they want their coffee to be after you add the milk.

    There are lots of charts on the Internet. This one looks good.

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    hahahaha I thought a colour chart of some sort would work



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