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    Red face Feedback on SMS marketing for coffee shops

    Hi folks,

    My fellow coffee owners were seeking for SMS Marketing tool for their business so I created SMSDripp that allows them to connect to their Square account and easily send text messages. Will be grateful to get your feedback and especially understand what is missing for you in the product.

    Thank you!


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    Sms marketing is still one of the shortest ways to reach customers in marketing. After all, smartphones are our constant companions. Communication with customers via SMS allows you to maintain long-term relationships with them, constantly stimulating them to make purchases and other targeted actions. With the right implementation and use, mobile marketing can bring excellent results. Modern mass mailing services make it possible to send SMS messages to thousands of potentially interested customers within a few seconds. At the same time, the absolute majority of such messages are read by the subscriber. The reason is simple: SMS messages are sent to your smartphone, which is always at hand. I have my own small chain of cafes. i decided to use some of the marketing tools for promotion. Friends advised me to turn to professionals in and I really did not regret that I trusted the experts in my field.
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    SMS marketing is not enough. Actually here are the steps one can make for their coffee shop to thrive:

    1. Run promotions and figure out if they are making them additional revenue or providing lasting customers.
    2. Make use of social media platforms and promote their place through those channels.
    3. Make changes to their menus with a view to attract a different type of customer.
    4. Sms marketing - for this you should research US business phone numbers
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    To be honest, I don't think that SMS marketing is a good idea for coffee shop



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