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    Coffee for my gas station - need some advice

    Great to be part of this forum.

    I own a gas station and have just finished remodelling the c-store. I've bought a really nice Bunn brewer and grinder. I've invested the money because I want to provide this city with decent coffee. The gas stations here are serving some bland coffee like Folgers & co. So my thinking is that with great coffee and low gas prices I can generate more income.

    I've decided to use Starbucks espresso roast beans for my coffee. I think it will take off because the nearest Starbucks is over 45 mins away and a lot of my regulars are excited about having Starbucks coffee in this area.

    My questions are:

    1. Where can I buy wholesale Starbucks beans from? Is this a good bean to use or not?

    2. Can I use Starbucks signage to let my customers know I'm brewing Starbucks coffee? I don't want any lawsuits!

    Thank you

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    coffee beans

    Hi United pet,
    Of course Starbucks is the leader, and I think using their signage will draw some people in. Compare what they offer in the area of quality, price, etc., then weigh your options.

    Although Starbucks is a quality coffee, there is plenty of coffee other than Starbucks that is quality. You can purchase quality beans from Coffee Holding; however, you can also purchase ground coffee. Samples can be sent for your ok.

    Take care,

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    Be very careful with the Starbucks name as it is trademarked and you need to have special permision to use it. If you get it from them they will set it up so they can track you succeass and if you do really well you may get a Starbucks in your area.
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