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    Quote Originally Posted by ElPugDiablo
    Quote Originally Posted by AJPRATT
    I am opening a coffee roasting/retailing business. The thing is, there is nothing around that serves lunch. Would it be a good idea or a bad idea to add some light lunch items? What would you suggest? My goal is not to be a "restaurant" but to be a coffee business and I don't want to do anything to detract from that.
    Maybe there is no demand for it?
    Just because there isn't doesn't mean there should be.
    I just did an opening with a woman who wanted to do a coffee and snack shop, in her first week she has done 85% sandwiches and food items. She will be wonderfully successful in her location but I think will be working much harder for a lower margin than she had anticipated.
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    I work with a very small coffee shop that wanted to offer a "lite lunch" menu, but couldn't because they simply don't have the space for a panini grill, storage, or sandwich prep area. Plus, anything they added would have filled their small space with the dreaded aromas. What he ended up doing was "partnering" with a very popular deli that is relatively close by. They deliver a deli cart of sandwiches that he puts in his case for sale. It works well for him because his shop gets a sign at the deli and on their website and he can ride on their well-respected, more well-known (for now) name. I know his margin is almost non-existent on the sandwiches, but he claims that its helped his business because it keeps customers who might otherwise get their coffee elsewhere. I'd want to try to measure this claim, if it were me.

    This might be a good way to test the market to see if there is really demand for it without committing a lot of finances that direction. If you really want to open a coffee shop, not a cafe, then I would start that way (assuming you've done your research to know that a coffee shop is in demand).

    Just another thought.

    Big Dave!

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    Hello! Sorry, but I have been away for a while. The only food items we have are our desserts, bagels, muffins (I guess the typical cafe fare). We also do breakfast sandwiches on bagels (bacon or sausage egg and cheese) and soup. We nuke the eggs, which turn out great and use heat and serve bacon and sausage. I bought a panini press a long time ago and haven't used it yet. I wouldn't mind breaking it out and doing two or three simple sandwiches. Any suggestions?
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    Well I think if you can do the Paniniís and you don't mind doing them then go for it. I'd say the four common meats (assuming you want meats) turkey, ham, roast beef and pastrami (or corned beef) and a couple of choices for cheeses and whatever veg you'd need. Add them as a "Special Item" at first and just write it on a board somewhere before putting it in print. See how it sells and if it's OK then make it a permanent add.

    I wanted to do Paniniís but the MN health dept told me I'd need a hood with an extinguisher to use one, at that point I might as well put in a 24" flattop and turn into a restaurant (not).
    Thank you,

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