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    Warehouse storage fees

    Can someone tell me where I could find or get a quote for storing 3 sea containers of green coffee?
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    ....where? is the key question, as stated above...

    I know in California we have a couple Annexes that warehouse coffee, they are in Long Beach and Frisco / Sacramento I believe....try calling a well know bean importer
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    Most port faclities have warehousing for this purpos, you can even leave it in bonded storage so you do not need to do the customs clearance when the coffee arrives. The problem is you will have to mst likely de-stuff the containers, or you will be stung with demurrage from the shipping line...and then you will need to arrange onwars freight for 54,000kg of coffee, which might be a big headache for you. I would move the coffee through to as close to you as possible in the shipping containers. I know for sure Virginia has excelent bonded warehouse facilities, as we have an agent there. I can forward you the customs/clearance agents name if you like- he coud probably quote you on storage- he's just outside Richmond
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