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Thread: start-up budget

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    start-up budget

    Greetings all,
    I am planning to open a coffeehouse/beverage bar late this year or early 2011 and I really need some input about first-year budget projections, esp. in light of current economy.

    -will serve wine and beer as well as coffee, tea and fruit/soft drinks, snacks, bulk coffee/tea and related merchandise.
    - Location: Chicago suburb with above-average household income, on the train line, no other indie shops in area--one chain store and one bagel chain outlet.
    - According to the data on Reference USA, comparable indie drink cafes in this area have an average income of $484,000 (vs. $818,000 for chains)
    - my coffee purveyor says he has established indie shops grossing over $1 milllion/year.

    Given this, I'm projecting $258,000 gross for first year, split as follows:
    beverages 56%
    food 40%
    bulk tea/coffee/merchandise 4%

    beverage 30%
    food (packaged and pre wrapped) 35%
    bulk tea/coffee/merchandise 50%

    Any and all advice about these numbers will be gratefully received.
    Many thanks,
    Julianna Greer

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    Re: start-up budget

    Good luck with that
    "the great coffee caper...."

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    Re: start-up budget

    Tophie2.... I know you've had business issues previously, but how are things going for you now? Later!
    I'm a legend among my own kind... you my friend are just a legend in your own mind. Later!



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