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    Competition coming!

    Canadian Cup Tasters Championship

    This event celebrates the unique expertise of cup tasting. Participants sample coffee arranged in eight triangles. In each triangle, two cups are identical, one is different. Using your superior skills of smell, taste, memory and concentration, you will try to identify the odd cup the fastest. This intense competition is not to be missed!

    The winner will be crowned the Canadian Cup Taster Champion and will walk away with an armload of excellent prizes as well as the right to compete at the 2011 World Cup Tasters Championship.

    Sun. Sept 26 2:30 4:30pm
    Mon. Sept 27 3:00 4:00pm

    OK so I am one of the 12 competitors!!

    Advice please!


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    Re: Competition coming!

    cup, cup and cup some more. Also get yourself the larger le nez du cafe kit and train your nose.
    You want cream and sugar?

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    Re: Competition coming!

    Just ordered the kit and thanks a ton!!!



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