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    Canadian Cup Tasters Competition!

    Well the comp was held this weekend you own coffeeloverlisa was one of the 16 contestants!

    Read about it here:

    The competition was fierce and to understand what this is all about, imagine three opaque cups of cola, 2 with coke, 1 with pepsi. Mix them all around and one has a red dot on the bottom. Let's say it was coke. You don't know which one. Pick the coke.

    Now line up 16 experts and see who does it fastest, only with a bunch of coffees, 8 triangle sets in a row.
    [attachment=21jggryc]lisa tatsing comp.jpg[/attachment1jggryc]

    Use your special tasting spoon! Sterling silver or silver plate will not add to the taste of the coffee.
    [attachment=11jggryc]tasting spoon.jpg[/attachment1jggryc]

    Red dot on the bottom means correct, blank means no good. You may get them all right, but if someone else does it faster, you still lose.
    [attachment=01jggryc]taster results.jpg[/attachment1jggryc]

    I placed third in number correct (a miracle if you asked me, but fifth overall in time! An amazing experience!

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    Re: Canadian Cup Tasters Competition!

    Way to go!
    Jim Lyon
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    Re: Canadian Cup Tasters Competition!

    Third in number correct is awesome. If you asked me, time constraint is rubbish. Congrat!
    You want cream and sugar?

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    Re: Canadian Cup Tasters Competition!


    That's fantastic! Congratulations!

    It sounds like a great experience.

    Do you think you'll ever enter the competition again?




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