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    How to eliminate the taste of astringency by roasting?

    Our roasted coffee bean has a fairly strong taste of astringency. Please advise the source of astringency? Is it because of the green bean? How to eliminate this unhappy taste by roasting? Thanks a lot.

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    astringency...isn't is it astringent or pudgent? Is it in the finish or body...acidity? Need more info than that
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    This is what separates a master roaster from a master blender.
    Not to seem too negative but I would be surprised if you get an answer through internet corrospondance only.

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    On top of that....your email address indicates the company you work for has been in business roasting coffee since 1935!? 70 years of roasting, cupping and blending experience should have the answer to your question!
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    Thank you so much. Just a unsmooth feeling on the tongue that you feel unhappy about. In other words, there's something precipitates on the tongue that forms this feeling.



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