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    Bloomberg Article: Can Millions of Coffee Drinkers Fix the Economy?

    check out this interesting article. Started by **$$$ Corporation, The company will donate $5 million in seed money to give the project, umm, a jolt.

    The increasingly activist Starbucks Corp. chief executive officer is taking donations online and through Starbucks cafes to create a small business lending fund.

    No word yet on who can borrow from the fund. Will it lend to an independent coffee shop?
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    My partner met with a coffee federation official just after he pulled up his pants for the Starbucks people. Needless to say, he was not pleased.

    Any money you want to give to people that need food and shoes can be done through many smaller organizations....who are actually committed to the cause. If you can't find them, I am sure I can post a few links

    .....and by the way, the demand for coffee has proven to be elastic, that is as prices climb, people will substitute other products.



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