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    Pricing Roasted Beans

    Hey Everyone,

    What is a fair price for roasted bean when selling in an environment such as a farmer's market? I just recently got permission to sell my roasted bean at the local market but am unsure what to sell them at. I'm going to sell 8oz bags at first so I don't overroast for the event. I suppose I'd rather sell out than have lbs of roasted coffee left over. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    People will pay good money at a Farmer's market if you have an exceptional product, whether it grass-fed pork, heirloom tomatoes, or coffee.

    It depends on the quality of the beans you are sourcing, are they region specific, farm specific, farm and lot specific? And it depends on your roasting skill. The higher both of those aspects are, the more you can command in price and the more people are willing to pay. In addition, if you are just roasting and don't have a store to maintain (overhead, etc.) then you will have the ability to offer coffee at a better price point.

    Without knowing the coffee and your skill level, reputation, etc., it's hard to determine. I certainly wouldn't price anything below $1 per ounce. $10 is a nice round number, but it seems too contrived. So I'd recommend stay away from ten. Based on the psychology of pricing, $8 and $9 is one price, and $10-11 are the same price. Your have to hit $12 before it's really perceived as higher. So the true number is either $8 or $9, or it's $11.
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    I have a store front and I charge $.79 an once. $12.64 a lb and if they buy a second pound we give the second pound away for 50% off.
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