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    Why does this coffee taste good?

    During a recent brunch at a relative's home, coffee was served with the meal, so I politely took a cup. Wow, was I surprised. It was delicious even though it had been brewed in a not very unusual Cusinart machine. When I asked what coffee it was, I learned it was Seattle's Best, level 5. The bag displayed a use-by date that was 10 months out from the present (don't know how recently it had been purchased). Online, I learned that this coffee company has been purchased by Starbucks.
    So, how can coffee that is pre-ground, sitting on a store shelf for who knows how long before purchase and showing no roast date, only a use-by date at least 10 months into the future taste so good? I have no idea. Does anyone else?

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    Depends on what your palate has been accustomed to, I guess. Everything's good compared to something worse.

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    True that. Meybe it just remained a lot of taste. Did you try to buy it also yourself and see if it was like that also the second time?

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    Well, I have also bought coffee from Seattle's Best. They are just amazing. No special trick is required to make it tasty. Even I found its taste was unchanged after months.

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    It has been my question for a long time now. I don't know what to answer! Haha



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