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    Help Please: Papua New Guinea Coffee - how to roast, where to buy, etc.

    I'm thrilled to join this forum all the way from Papua New Guinea (PNG).

    I am very much interested to know if there's any people out there who likes PNG coffee (and specific brands if familiar). Some top brands we have are Sigiri Coffee, Goroka Coffee, Kongo Coffee, etc..


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    welcome mclainekeari.
    A month back, I got some really fresh PNG coffee from one of our forum members for personal use.
    that was wonderful.
    however, I am not familiar with Sigri / Goroka / Kongo coffee.
    how are they?


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    I've had the Sigri, and like it. The Baroida was great. My go-to for PNG's is the Kimel Plantation.

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    thanks guys for the replies.

    @alex - i will have my coffee online store up in a couple of days, maybe i'll send you a link and show you the other brands we have in PNG.
    @peterjschmidt - that was a pleasant surprise to know that you say Baroida is great. Actually Baroida coffee plantation is close to where i am from and my coffee plantation is a few kilometers from Baroida and another called Coffeeland.

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    Hello "mclainekeari"

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

    I've been around the Coffee Forum for a long time, and I have to say that it's very possible that you may first member who is from Papua New Guinea.

    I enjoy Papua New Guinea coffee. I buy it from a local roaster, and I don't know which plantation it comes from. The next time I go there to get my coffee, I'll ask and see what they tell me.


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    Welcome, I love to roast PNG.
    Great coffee does not just happen!
    South Florida Artisan Coffee Roaster

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    I haven't (knowingly) had PNG coffee, however, I'm certain it has been in some of the blends I've purchased in the past. If it's anything like Sumatra or Suluwesi, I'm already a fan!! Welcome.

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    Gevalia's Limited Edition Club had a coffee from Papua and it was one of my favorites! I don't know which plantation it came from and am wishing I had saved one of each box of the different coffees they sent.

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    Thanks for the good info on PNG coffee. Just saw this on an ANZ bank ad and was thinking of checking it out.

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    First time I heard about this PNG coffee. I'm now searching online where to find it!


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