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    I kind of agree with Alex, it should be defined a little better and not used so loosely but I understand marketing and they way Musicphan explains it will help and makes sense from what I have seen on descriptions.

    Some of my favorite beans (so far) have been from Central America, don't think I could choose one over the other. To me the difference in the tastes don't make one better than the other. I also have to admit a couple of my favorites have been blends.

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    We vacuum seal 25 gram + 50 gram + 100 gram + 200 gram packs for customers. We are finding the 25 gram pre-ground sells the best. Opened within 3-4 months it taste very fresh. We vacuum pack within 60 min of roasting and were using a Vacmaster VP215 which sucks out 99% of the air and there is no room for the gas to process through the bean. I know many people think vacuum does not work but after 2+ months the beans smell freshly roasted and pop with flavor.

    Quote Originally Posted by ensoluna View Post
    Most of coffee that sells in Amazon isn't freshly roasted. Stay Away, please.

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    Kenyan coffee... and it's amazing


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