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    Any Midlands Based Folks tried Iron & Fire?

    Ey up all my West Midlands brethren

    Sister bought me a cheap french press, I'm planning on trying it soon, then want to try out an Aeropress.

    I like the look of Iron & Fire they're local, have a nice looking varied range, and they also sell french press or Aeropress grinds.

    Anyone used em before? Also, is it worth me buying the french press grind to try it? Or am I best off buying the Aeropress asap and buying the matching grind?

    I'm thinking the AP will be much better coffee than a cheap french press, am I right?


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    This is a very interesting way

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    Buying stuff

    Wotcha mate.

    You should definitely consider buying a grinder.
    Then buy whole bean coffee.
    Then grind the beans how you want just before brewing.
    Fresh ground coffee will make a big difference.
    You can buy a whirly-blade grinder very cheaply.
    A burr grinder will certainly give you a better, consistent grind for more money.

    If you buy an aeropress, you can buy a reusable metal filter for it, instead of using paper ones.
    Paper filters actually filter too well and remove the coffee oils that you would want in your cup.
    On the other hand, paper filters also remove all the "mud" too, which would be a good thing.
    Reusable metal or paper filter is a personal choice.

    I'm sure some people prefer cafetières (French Press in USA) over Aeropress and vice-versa.
    Even a cheap cafetière will probably do a good job.
    You pays your money and takes your choice.
    If you already have a cafetière, try it several times before buying more brewing equipment
    unless you are lucky enough to have excess money.

    Brew coffee in cafetière using very hot water (just off the boil).
    Let coffee/water brew in cafetière for 4 minutes, then pour it all out.
    Don't let brewed coffee sit in the cafetière as it will over-brew and turn bitter.

    I hope this helps.

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    Not midlands based, but I have tried Iron & Fire. A safe 7/10

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    yeah it's cool



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