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    Lightbulb Bulletproof coffee, or the power of mct oil

    Bulletproof coffee, or the power of mct oil-kawo-na-czczo.jpg
    bulletproof coffee
    For some time now, the so-called bulletproof coffee (BPC Bulletproff Coffee), i.e. coffee with added fat, but of course not just any fat 😉 People on low-carbohydrate diets such as LCHF or ketogenic diets are particularly eager for it, as it sometimes replaces a meal or is used as a pre-workout.

    And here the question is what fat to add to get the energy kick effect? Is coconut oil the same as MCT oil and which one to choose when preparing a BPC? Well, it's not the same and I definitely recommend using MCT to get the maximum "wow" effect and a few bonuses it gives us.

    How does MCT oil work? What are the benefits? Check

    Meanwhile, I am giving you a recipe for my husband's favorite bulletproof coffee - obligatory as a pre-workout Ingredients:
    2 heaped teaspoons of freshly ground, good-quality coffee (I do not recommend instant coffee)
    250-300 ml of boiling water
    15-25 g of clarified butter (for people who tolerate lactose well due to its trace amounts and for people on a paleo diet) or unsalted butter (keto, LCHF, optimal)
    5-15 ml of MCT oil or coconut oil
    a pinch of Ceylon cinnamon
    a pinch of cardamom
    optional coconut milk to taste

    Pour boiling water over the coffee and set aside to brew.
    Pour the coffee without grounds into the blender cup
    Pour freshly brewed coffee without grounds into a blender cup or a tall mug.
    Add the remaining ingredients and blend for about 20-30 seconds until foam is obtained.
    For people who are just introducing MCT or coconut oil to the menu, I recommend gradually turning them on from 1/2 teaspoon to avoid stomach sensations that sometimes occur.




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