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    6's Morning Fog Lifter

    Does anyone know anything more about this coffee than what their site says: "a marriage of Indonesian and French Roast............"

    Is it a blend then? If so, of what beans?

    It sounds good, but a bit timid to try unless I can mentally compare to something else.


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    well.... indonesia is a country where several coffee beans are harvested and french roast is a dark roast. If they dont specify where in indonesia or what type of bean it is, they probably dont know what they are talking about. Id stay away from it. stick with professionals.
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    Indonesian coffees have a typical flavor profile (even though there is quite a variety). A typical Indonesian will bring depth and sweetness into a blend. The French roast will be as noted, dark. Depending on how dark and what percent of the blend, the dark will be dominant and the indonesian like a spice or there will be a full bodied sweet coffee with some smokey notes.

    Either way, I would not normally consider it a wake up coffee. Some folks consider better morning coffees to be made from central american washed coffees either light or medium roasted. Clean taste, very bright. Lots of light, zip to get you going in the morning.

    But tastes are different, so there is no one right answer. Unless the coffee is more than $20 a pound, I recommend trying it once. What the hell, it's only money and its only one bag of coffee...
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    Some Carl's Jr. restaurants serve SLOROASTED coffee. I don't remember which variety it was, but I didn't care much for it. To be honest, most coffee served in restaurants these days isn't very good. Most tastes like hot brown water.



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