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    Coffee for review

    I don''t want to break the rules here, so please move this if it''s not in the right place, but I''m just going by some past posts on this forum as a guide.

    I''d like to get your thoughts on our company''s coffee, so I''ve setup a free sample for anyone who''s interested. There''s no catch, no shipping and handling costs, or requirements - just free coffee to anyone who wants it. We''d appreciate it if you''d also review it either here or on your own site.

    I''ve only got a limited supply of samples so it''s probably going to go pretty quick(I''ve got around 40 samples left). But if all goes well I get more and open the offer back up.

    Here''s the link to our site -

    and here''s the direct link to the free sample form -

    Samples go out once a week.

    Just some quick info, we are a direct trade coffee company, operating out of Minas Gerais, Brazil. We currently ship green to the US and roast to order at a facility just outside of Atlanta. Feel freel to email me with any questions.




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