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    I went through four 8oz cups of Green Mountain Roaster's Kenyan last night. The aroma from the bag was powerful and I knew I was in for a treat.
    But...... After being dissatisfied with the first cup, I tried making each consecutive cup stronger hoping for a richer flavor. It didn't help any.
    I of course woke up with a coffee hangover from the dehydration effect it had on me. I think I'll stick with my Sumatra during the day at work and Spanish in the mornings.
    My overall impression of the Kenyan is that it's smooth & delicate, more so like tea than the hearty cup of coffee I look for.

    I am a novice though and haven't fully developed a real taste for gourmet coffees just yet.
    Bear with me, I'm getting there.

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    Did someone say Kenyan?

    I am a huge fan of Kenya beans. I have also found the Green Mountain a little weak. My current favorite is Aprés Cafe''s Kenya AA Lenana.

    If you are looking for something with more flavor give the Aprés Kenya AA Lenana a shot. It got a 90 coffee rating by \"Coffee Review\". It is sweet and rich and has notes of berry and chocolate. I love it. Of course it is a little too rich to drink everyday.

    It''s only like $20 a lb too. you can get it at

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    Excellent coffee will taste unexpected. Average quality coffee is not dynamic and does not contain layers of complex and distinct flavors. Also, "Kenyan" may not necessarily be a quality coffee. Is it at least Kenya AA, if so then what lot is it? Or is there a specific estate, mill, region, etc. The better control over the coffee from picking to sorting to milling, etc. the better cup will be produced. With that being said, the roaster can still screw it up, and so can a bad grinder.

    You'll know it when you taste it, and you'll never go back.

    Enjoy the journey.
    John Piquet
    caffe d'bolla
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    This was a really nice coffee from GMCR, if this is the Kenyan you tried I am guessing it might have been a preparation issue. (grinder, water etc.)

    Sometimes I find tasting dramatically different coffees together reveals some of the more delicate notes. Try a Kenya alongside Sumatran for a stark contrast.

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    I purchased the one pound bag at a T.J. Maxx (maybe that's not a good thing?).

    After reading the review that Carmine posted, I'm not sure if it's from GMCR anymore. The bag it came in was in full color, all the way around, with giraffes and lions on it. It wasn't a big label. It only cost about $8. It reads Kenyan +AA+ Medium Roast.

    Anyway, I just recently stopped by Shelburn Falls Coffee Roasters and bought some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I tried it in my french press, then in my auto drip and got the same light flavored coffee as the Kenyan I tried. It just doesn't hit me like my Spanish Espresso or my Sumatra Mandheling does.

    I will experiment with the contrasts in flavors as you recommended, just because I don't want to throw away the Kenyan and Ethiopian I have.

    There are no lot numbers to go by, so I can't comment on that.
    I use the same fresh water (from a nearby spring) for all of my coffees.

    Thanks guys.

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    tj maxx? Serve you right. What happen to mocha joe or great barrington coffee?
    You want cream and sugar?

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    Not GMCR. Their initials are MCR. It doesn't matter though.
    It's me that's the problem, not the roaster.
    I figured Kenyan was Kenyan. DUH.

    What am I doing in here anyway.............

    P.S. - I did pick up some Kenyan at Mocha's, but I'll spare you my amateur review.



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