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    Review of Green Mountain Coffee (French Roast Decaf) - K Cups

    I'm drinking it now, so I'll review it :P

    Aroma: 7/10
    Notes: I picked up some spices...I can't single out any specific ones, but I can definitely smell some all natural spices in this blend. It doesn't smell as good as some of the other coffees I drink, but a solid 7 is a good number.

    Body/Thickness: 7.5/10
    Notes: Not an incredibly thick coffee (hence the reason I'm drinking it in the late afternoon as opposed to the morning) but it does the trick for a mid-day drink.

    Flavor: 9/10
    Notes: It may just be the French Vanilla creamer I put in it, but I am picking up a slight vanilla/cinnamon taste and it's actually really nice

    Aftertaste: 8/10
    Notes: Tickles the back of my tongue as it goes down and that's no personification. It's a really pleasurable taste, I can assure you. Though once the initial kick goes away, it's kinda bland.

    Overall: 31.5/40

    This blend scores a 79% (Above Average on my coffee scale.) A good after drink while the rain pours.

    Album of the week:

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    • Enjoy the wonderful flavor of this French Roast without any of the caffeine!
    • Each K-Cup portion pack is an air-tight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor
    • Single-serving packaging means no mess or wasted pots of coffee; for use with Keurig brewers
    • Each K-Cup has a built-in coffee filter - no measuring and no mess!
    • Each box contains 24 K-Cups!

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    Have you tried the GM Pumpkin Spice? I'm considering buying it, but would like to see what people think before spending the money.

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    all i know green tea. coffee is good but once in a week. but any ways topic is pretty good.

    Alan Green



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