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    We initially ordered a 5kg roaster but upgraded to 12 kg before they had even started building the 5. I can roast small batches on the 12 kg but also have capacity to grow into. For instance, I roasted a ton of 5 lb. batches for the first few months but tomorrow I'll be roasting 12-15 lb. batches to get a few new wholesale orders out.

    You should get training on a new roaster but I'm not sure if that's possible when purchasing something from China. (I drove to OK City and had a day of training before hauling the roaster back home.)

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    I started roasting my beans at home.. I learned very quick what not to do or what I have done was good. I drank tons of coffee and tasted ton of different coffee.... Now I am roasting little bigger batches at home with my home made roaster which is capable of roasting about 5 pounds. I feel pretty confident about roasting in different stages and different beans.... I own a coffee shop but I will not roast for my shop until I get my 10k Roaster....

    I agree with Eldub.... I would recommend you to buy bigger roaster if you are planning on really getting into the roasting business. The smaller machine is nice but you will be end up getting bigger machine as soon as you get your business going...... Good luck with your business.....

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    Over here in Vietnam, for commercial, we step up with roaster from 5kgs- 10kgs - 30kgs - 50kgs - 100kgs depending on the quantity you need to roast everyday and your roasting experience bigger machine need more attention and skills to handle.

    @Eldub: when I started roasting for the first time, my house was full of smoke , I did many times with 0,3kg each, I really got a lot of experiences after each time roasting. It's so interesting that made me think to do coffee business


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