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    Thinking about stepping up our game

    I have run a coffee shop for a few years that has a in-house small air roaster that provides all the coffee that we use. As time has gone on it has become really hard to keep up with our demand. We are starting to think about a larger drum roaster located elsewhere. I would like to be able to pick your collective brains for any information or opinions that you might want to share.

    I am thinking between 10k and 15k size would make sense for us. That is larger than we need right now but provides plenty of room for expanded production. Poking around the internet I have run in to the Joper machines that seem to be pretty nice and have the ability to automate for a fairly reasonable price. Does anyone have any first hand experience with these machines? The ability to add automation appeals to the geek in me and seems like the best route to provide repeatability in our product. Also automation seems to be a wonderful way to allow less skilled roasters to fill in for me in times of need. Is there any argument against automation other than cost?

    Of course I have zero experience with drum roasters. The roaster we use now provides us with roasted coffee but is less than ideal in many ways. I look forward to being able have more control over the entire process. Where should I go about learning the ins and outs of roasting on a drum machine? Do a lot of manufacturers provide training? Are there any resources out there that can give me a reasonable baseline to get started? Things like preheated drum temperature and application of heat and air flow in relation to stage of roasting and their effect on the final product are mystifying to me. I know experience is everything and experimentation plays a big part but I am curious if there is a way to make my start as smooth as possible.

    Thanks to anyone that has any input!

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    what type of roaster have you used??//

    15kg Jopers going to cost you around 24-31,000. I believe jopers are great roaster but I would not discount other brands like Toper, Ozturk and ambex.... You will get much more reasonably priced roaster with name I have mentioned....

    15 Kilo 33lb Ozturk Commercial Coffee Roaster New | eBay

    I think Ambex roasters do have 15k roaster for even less or close....

    Tell us about your experience with roasting.... How much did you roast per day and what did you use to roast your beans????

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    The most of the manufactures will give you training and if you already have experience with roasting, i do not think you will have hard time learning how to use drum roaster. Many of the new drum roasters even have computer hook up and you can actually control every step of the way to roast perfect beans every time.

    Good Luck



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