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    Any information on Garanti Degirment roasters

    My assumption is that the Garanti Degirment roaster mfg. in Izmir Turkey is not the same as the Has Garanti roaster. Is this correct???
    Hi All
    I'm working on a business plan for a coffee roasting business and I'm in the process of evaluating roasters. Most of them are out of my price range right now as I have to be smart about expenses. I'm concerned that if I start with a 1k roaster I may grow out of it too fast and won't have the available funds to upgrade. I don't want to borrow money to start this venture. So I'm going to start out with a 2k roaster.
    I'm looking at a Garanti Degirment machine, the GKPX2 Pacifica model. It seems to have what I need...
    Electric control panel four motors and 220v/propane among other things; and the price is lower than the others I'm looking at.
    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these machines, including customer service.

    I hope this doesn't sound too much like I work for this company, I don't. I'll soon be committing a big chunk of money toward a roaster and I want to be sure this one is all they claim.
    Thanks for any feedback you can offer on this.
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    In the past I looked at the Has Garanti but don't know the affiliation, if any, with Has Degirment. I do know I wasn't satisfied with the response to my inquiry about the Has Garanti machine. I also spoke with Topher and Ozturk Roasters. In the end after much comparison between Topher, Ozturk, and some American manufacturers -- Ambex, San Francisco, etc. -- I purchased an Ozturk and have been very happy with my decision so I'd encourage you to take a look and add them to your decsion making matrix.

    Also I'd think about looking at something bigger than 2kg -- depending on your business plan, of course -- but if you're the least bit aggressive in selling your coffee I think you'll outgrow that rather quickly. We started with a 10kg which was probably too big for me to start with but it is a year this coming Wednesday when we roasted our first batch of beans and looking back, while I wish I would have had a 5kg for a few months at the beginnig, I'm very glad we purchased the 10kg.
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    Thank you for your reply. I've looked at Topher and Ozturk. They seem like good roasters, but, like I said earlier. I'm trying to do this without borrowing any money, so unless I can locate a good used machine, I'll be going with a relatively small and inexpensive one.
    I hope you're right about outgrowing it quickly. If that's the case, I'll be running the heck out of it until I have the cash for a bigger one. All the more reason for getting a GOOD roaster to start.
    If you, or anyone in the states, knows of an available good used roaster, I'd love to hear about it.

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    Hey Scott, I have a Garanti. Works great. See it in all it's glory here: The Roaster 'The Colonel' @ Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company

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    Garanti Roaster

    Hello Everyone,

    You can contact and ask everything to us about GARANTI ROASTER. We can help you anytime.

    ::: Roast Your Coffee Passion with Garanti Roasters :::



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