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    US Roaster Corp 5 Kilo, any one have info?

    I am looking at a used 5 kilo US Roaster Corp. Does this machine have air flow and burner (temperature) control or is it similar to most other small roasters..It is just on? The seller does not have hands on or industry knowledge of the roaster; it is similar to an estate sale where someone just does the listing and selling but makes no warranties or representations as to capabilities.

    Are there any users that don't like this machine?US Roaster Corp 5 Kilo, any one have info?-roaster.jpg

    I am looking at this as a small sampling roaster to experiment with. I have twin 40# roasters and I hate using 40 # to sample a new crop or shipment of beans. Just looking for feedback on US Roster Corp and the 5 kilo specifically.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    We bought a 12 kg US Roasters Corps unit after committing to the 5 kg unit, so I know it pretty well.

    It does have burner temp control. Our 12 kg also has airflow control and I'm guessing the 5kg model does as well. From the photo you included, it also appears the unit in question is automated.

    Below is a link to the specs for the unit in question. The manual unit retails for $14,500 and I'm pretty sure the automated version sells for around $19,500. Feel free to call Dan at US Roasters with any questions or concerns.

    Btw, how small of batches do you want to roast on this unit? While it can roast as little as a pound at a time, that amount of beans gets a bit tricky once the roaster heats all the way up. While I can roast a couple of pounds at a time on our 12 kg model, I sure get more consistent/better results roasting 8 lbs. at a time.

    US Roaster Corp - Shop Roasters - 3 kilo KG, 5 kilo KG, 12 kilo KG

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    Hello eldub,

    I sent you a PM asking about your impressions on the US Roasters. I would post it here but I didn't want to hijack the thread.



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