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Thread: Time vs Temp

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    Home roasting is my love and YES times DO MATTER. First, 10 is not bad for first crack. 20 mins is way too long. Normally, your full roasting should be done in 14-17 mins. Which means your grill is not hot enough to roast your beans. I have made my own Grill Roaster and i get the best result in about 14-15 mins for medium roast. I have played with many different time settings from quick roast(6-7mins) to long roast(28-25mins) and there are tons of differences in taste.

    This guy uses colanders to make his own drum roaster.
    I love his set up. Its cheap to make them.

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    also, keep in mind, if using a bbq as a roaster, it must be dedicated to coffee roasting ONLY!

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    Yes, I don't want the coffee to taste like chicken! The set-up I am looking at will have a new grill with it, or I will get one separately. CF, thanks for your input on times. I did notice a difference, especially as the coffee cooled. Ideally I would take it between the two, but I don't have good control over my burner at the low end. I think I will reduce the gas supply and see if I can control it better that way.


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