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    Cool What a difference some light makes!

    I have a Behmor roaster and have been experiencing some underroasting issues. Mainly, I was paranoid about hitting 2nd crack (as I like a medium roast) and could never tell what the true color of the beans were. I roasted yesterday and had a 90 lumen headlamp on hand to shed some natural light into the roaster... what a difference that makes!! Between the glow of the heating coils, the yellow'ish light that comes with the machine, and me being colorblind, I always had trouble telling exactly what the beans looked like. I know that I've read the light thing before but man was I missing out! I probably roasted my beans an extra minute from what I would have equivalently been doing.

    Just wanted to share, I was roasting Ethiopian beans and am SUPER excited to taste them tomorrow!

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    Hi Cestrin,

    Thanks for sharing your discovery.

    It's always amazing how much better things turn out when you put a little light on the subject. I bet you're wishing you had tried it sooner.




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