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    Diedrich IR-5 owners help needed

    Hi Gang
    i recently acquired a 2011 production date IR-5 and dare I say, the original owner may have never cleaned it... That's right.. NEVER. I am kind of surprised that he never had a fire in it.
    What I am asking in this post is for tips and hints on what to clean and how to clean it. To give you an idea of how dirty this roaster is, the impeller that is pictured in the Diedrich manual of the one that is really dirty is actually not that bad. Can you believe it?
    Anyhow, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps a list of tools required and some order in which to attack it would help.
    The roaster is in nice shape other than needing a good bath.
    Please email me directly if you wish or even phone.

    Thanks in advance

    Howie Cohen
    Utica, NY
    315 797 2345
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    The little holes in the cooling bin are 95% plugged.. Amazing.. There is no way enough air could have been sucked down to cool the beans properly.

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    Diedrich sells a set of cleaning tools but I only bought the scraper. Not sure about cleaning something that dirty.

    I have an IR 3 and i have cleaned mine regularly. Vacuum and brush out every day. A shop vac and a round (new/ clean) toilet brush works great. I use a chimney sweep brush with a flexible handle on the long pipes. Bought two sizes on amazon.

    About once a week, I take the sides off and shop vac inside around the drum.

    Every 60 hours, I soak the long pipe, elbows and the impeller in simple green and brush with a steel brush. I have also used simple green BBQ grill foam cleaner. In order to soak the long pipe, we made a trough by capping the ends of a length of plastic rain gutter. Took another toilet brush and made a long handle for it with 1 inch PVC so we can brush the inside of that pipe. Rinse everything well.

    I really wish my IR 3 had a hinged front to make it easier to get the chaff chamber clean.

    Diedrich has a tool for poking clean the holes in the cooling tray. I think an awl or just an uncapped cheap pen would work. Just tedious.

    I think if you poke around the sweet maria web site, they have a series of pictures of cleaning up a roaster that was in bad shape like yours. That could give you suggestions also. I googled "sweet maria roaster clean diedrich" and it popped right up.


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    Thanks Nancy.
    I will check Sweet Maria's. I would love to see a YouTube video of the cleaning of a dirty machine. Maybe I should make it.
    I saw the kit that Diedrich offers. Most everything they sell can be bought at Home Depot from my take on it.
    Thanks again.


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    I check that link and yes, mine is very similar. Mine is a new machine however. Say, any idea who took the photos? Perhaps I can contact them via email.




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