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    Roaster Suggestions

    I am presently just a home roaster and have an Alpenrost for my roasting. I would like to eventually open a cafe' and need information about roasters of larger capacity that will give me the rast that I presently achieve with the Alpenrost. I have tried a couple of other home roasters and was very dissatisfied with the results. Could someome please guide me into a commercial roaster that I will be able to achieve the quality that i now am getting? Thanks!!!

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    You might want to check Delaware City Coffee - he has a 1 pound electric drum roaster.
    That would probably be perfect for you, if you don't mind dropping $1500 for a home roaster.
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    3,420 I have one of their 2 kilos and it rocks...wish I had more time to use it!!!
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    I have one of their 2 kilos and it rocks...wish I had more time to use it!!!
    Topher....It won't be long for me on one of these!!!


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    IR-3... hehe It looks impessive in a store and most people don't know it's really a tiny roaster ( 3 kilos)
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