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Thread: I was desperate

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    I was desperate

    Awoke at "0 Dark Thirty" and realized that I was out of roasted coffee. The dreaded realization of every coffee lover! So I had to roast a small batch outside in the cold in my back-up air roaster. desperate times call for desperate action. I have to say that the Yirgacheffe straight out of the roaster has a really bright clear flavor and is great! de-gassing will no doubt make it even better, but I don't feel cheated with the traditional habit of grinding and brewing immediately.

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    Hi Bardo,

    When you used the rest of your roasted coffee yesterday, did it slip your mind that you needed to roast more? The middle of the night is always when forgotten chores resurface and haunt you, until you get up and take care of them.

    It's great that your freshly roasted Yirgacheffe was agreeable to you! You'll enjoy it even more tomorrow, especially since you won't be standing out in the cold so early in the morning.


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    I never thought Yirgacheffe was good right after the roast. Their flavor is blend, not as flavorful. But then again, when you are in desperate situation(I totally understand) you gotta do what you have to do.
    I am roasting last of 5 pounds of coffee out here in cold winter of Michigan. But its mid-day and smell of roasting really calms me down.

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    Nothing too alarming going on.

    Ethiopian coffees are known to be good straight out of the roaster. In traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies, you roast, grind and brew all in one sitting. Because of the nature of the bean and specific heirloom cultivars, all of the flavor elements are there. (provided it's roasted properly) Certainly the nuances and flavors will intensify over the next 2-3 days and stay at their peak for about a week to ten days. But African coffees, those from Ethiopia in particular, (esp Gr.1 coffees) are ones that I do not recommend needing the typical 48 hours degassing time. The difference between a fresh roasted Yirg and a Central, such as Guatemala can be vast. (again, the caveat being your roasting acumen).

    Keep roasting!
    John Piquet
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