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    Brain drain on how to purchase green coffee from an importer

    I'm starting my own roasting business and am wondering how interactions with importers usually go. In order to try the beans do they normally send send samples of green coffee? Or are you expected to go visit them and cup fresh roasted beans there in a lab they may have on site? I would appreciate if anyone can give me the brain drain on how business is normally done when wanting to try an importers' green coffee. Thanks for the insight!!!

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    You'll do best to call a few, introduce yourself, explain what you're up to, and ask questions. Most will offer samples, and most will make you jump through a few hoops to make sure they're dealing w/ a legit business and not some home-roaster looking for freebies.

    How will you roast the samples, and do you know coffee well enough to cup/evaluate those samples?

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    Thanks for the info

    Hi -- thanks for the information. I will roast the samples with a sample roaster I have. For your other question.....I don't have a lot of experience in cupping, like I can't identify were a coffee is from by tasting. What I can do is if I have a few different kinds I can use their differences to say what I do like and don't like.

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    I talked to importer reps for months before ever placing an order. We mow bring in 6-10 bags of beans at a time and I never get samples before ordering. The best lots of beans don't stick around long enough for that to happen. By the time a sample is sent out, roasted and evaluated, the supply could be gone. Especially with the top offerings. So I have developed relationships with a few reps and feel comfortable ordering beans without sampling.

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    Great information -- Thanks!



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