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    Feedback + Sales info? Coffee-Tech Solar and Avirnaki --- what can u tell me?

    If anyone has info on the Coffee-Tech Solar + Avirnaki smoke abatement, I'd really like to know. 1) looking for real info from real roasters and 2) need to get one!!! Am in CA and need to get new electric roaster. Home built one we have makes excellent coffee, but is all manual and quite smokey --- but OH the great roast electric makes!!!! . PLEASE -- any feedback or sales out there??? Thanks.

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    Why are you stuck on electric? I had a sample roaster that was electric..wasn't a fan. The two you mention are 2 kilo. You can't really do very much production on that. My suggestion would be to check out some bigger gas drum roasters. Here are some links to a few companies...
    Roasters Exchange 405.232.1223
    Ambex Coffee Roasters and Grinders, Inc.
    Home | DIEDRICH Roasters
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    Thanks. Really appreciate your info. So helpful. We intentionally roast in small batches and roast to order. We like the direct heat of electric and the cartelized sweetness that has become something people know/appreciate. We stay away from gas because environmental and coffee taste result reasons. Just like the cleanness of electric. We use multiple machines under 10k and can keep up with demand. Do you know anything (good or bad) about the coffee-tech solar?

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    Did you read this discussion here : Solar Autoroast and Torrefattore 2kg discussion thread



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