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    Joper 15kg roaster? Anyone used one?


    We are in the process of deciding on a roaster to replace our current 15kg Ozturk. We want something more advanced with much better control over airflow, burner and with a profiling system.

    I know Probat 12 is a good option but we are also considering the Giesen 15 and the Joper 15. One obvious benefit is that Joper and Giesen claim to be able to roast a full 15kg batch in 15min while the probat is designed to do 12kg green batches.

    I know a few roasters in the UK with Giesen machines and as far as I know all are happy with them. One downside seems to be a rather clunky looking roast profile software while the Probat and Giesen software looks much more user friendly.

    So, anyone got any opinions to share on the Joper?

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    We're currently going through the exact same process. We have a 10kg Ambex which can only realistically do 5kg of green in the 12 +- min profile we're shooting for.

    Joper advertises that their roaster can do 15kg in 15 minutes. My question is how much green can a Joper or say..Roaster Corp 12kg take if the roast (city or full city) is to be complete in 12 minutes instead of the advertised 15 minutes? Would the green kg drop significantly or be close to what it says on paper?

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    If you are interested in seeing how a Joper roasts, let me know. I could post a video to you of an entire roast showing exactly the time frame and signature. (city, full city, french). Or if you'd like to visit me and give it a try yourself, that can certainly be arranged.



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