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    Looking for a Reliable 1 lb to 5 lb Roaster

    I am new to this fourm and to the roasting realm. I really love coffee and want to start roasting at my home and possibly beyond. I have been looking for a 1 to 5 lb roaster to start out in the $5000 price range, but have have not found anything. I am looking for a commercial roaster (used or new). Does anyone know anywhere I can look for sales postings or does anyone have a roaster like this for sale?

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    Check with Paul Ribich from Roaster Dynamics. He has a really nice roaster within that price range. Dan from US Roaster also has sample 1lb roasters within that price range. Both roasters are mini versions of larger roasters with the same controls. Bill from CoffeePer might have a used SanFranciscan sample roaster also
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    Ok, thank you Charlie for the quick response! I am going to contact them.

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    For an entry level machine in that category, from what I've read on this forum, you should look into Mill City Roasting.

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    Agree with Redswing, Mill City for a 1K.

    Huky500 can roast back to back 1lb batches for hours. Neat thing about the Huky is the level of customization available. So many options causes analysis paralysis. It's a dataloggers dream, can be ordered with three k-type thermocouples: BT, ET, and MET. Great starter machine to learn on and understand how coffee roasting works; can be used with digital thermometers, or direct computer connect via phidget. Close to 600 machines in service, both hobbyists and professional.

    It's the real deal; not professional level but way better than any other consumer or prosumer coffee roaster.

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    How soon do you need it? I have a couple new 1.5's and a used fluid roaster 6 lb for $4000 only used for about 50 lbs- works great but not a personal fan of fluid roadts- can arrange free shipping on All



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