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    Need help fixing my Probat L5

    Hey, I'm new to these forums but I'm looking for aid in my situation. The lever for my cooling tray snapped off this morning and I'm looking to see if anyone has advice. I'd like to know if its happened to anyone else here and if theres a simple way to access this part of the machine to remove and possibly weld back together. Thanks!Need help fixing my Probat L5-img_2947.jpg.jpeg

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    Is there enough room there to get a needle-nose ViseGrip on it, while you figure out a permanent solution?

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    I'm able to tug on in from a side panel, so I can turn it on/off. I'm just wondering now how it's possible to remove the broken piece and replace it with a new one. There doesn't seem to be a wide enough access space to do such without completely dismantling the machine

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    Have you tried calling Probat? They're likely to be able to supply a replacement part along with instructions on how to replace it.



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