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    Has anybody ever heard of, or has anybody out there used, a Giesen 15k Roaster?

    Is it simple to use, is it serviceable & are parts readily available, for this Roaster?

    There is a 15k Giesen Roaster, that looks good, on EBay and they are asking $21,000 for it.

    Trying to to detirmine if that is a good price or not?

    Any info would be appreciated.

    For that price, you get the Roaster, the Computer Profileing System and the Regular accessories. no Afterbuner


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    That's a very good price on that... too good almost. Boot Coffee is the US importer.. I think they are about $50K new.

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    He said that he paid $38,500, but it did not fit into the new Roastry that he built and right now it is on display in one of his coffee shops. It's never even been turned on.

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    Yes, that DOES sound almost too good to be true.

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    Very nice roasters. I saw one in action when I went out to ID to visit Diedrich; Evans Brothers coffee roasters uses one out there and I visited them. That price does seem way too good to be true though. I was looking at the burner, and it seemed like it was much larger and more even than other atmospheric roasters I had looked at. They traded in a Probat for it.



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