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    I havent seen missing drums. I cant imagine how a drum would just die.
    And yes i know that the support might or might not be there with Turkish roasters.
    My point is that unless youre roasting as heavily as Topher, youll have very few roaster problems.
    The problems you do have youll either get fixed by an engineer. Or youd send an email to the roasting company in Turkey and get a spare part air freighted. I reaqlly dont think i made a personal attack on you. Rather i did pounce on what you said.
    If people want to pay 3 x the $ for an American Canadian roaster thats fair enough. I dont see the point in scaring start up roasters into thinking they have to part with 3 x the $ to start their dream.
    The problem will not be their roaster but their cash flow.

    Ive actually roasted (tested Turkish roasters before) i bought one because i feel it is a very good roaster. I also have a German built roaster, Ive owned an Italian roaster and have built my own roaster.
    There are roasters out there that are a century old and are still roasting great coffee. Some are wood fired..I love that page on Sweet Marias where the dude has pictures of roasters hes encountered around the world.
    some are the weirdest things youve ever seen.At the end of the day they all roast coffee.. and most would do a pretty good job.
    Ill never forget one of the very first roasters i ever saw in my life. It was a Royal in Astoria NY..... if that thing was roasting matter how beautiful it looked.. i wouldnt worry about a Turkish/Portuguese/Colombian roaster.
    The very first roaster i ever saw was in my parents village in Greece, roasting away on one motor and wood fired.

    Dont take what i said personally, i was jumping on the message where i believe youre scaring newies from endulging in something ive been lucky enough to endulge in by using a home made roaster first up.
    Were too quick to scare people in my opinion.

    I never said you hate Turks.
    Take the blinkers off


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