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    Talking Advise Needed: Diedrich IR-12 Manual VS Zenyth

    Hello fellow coffee gurus,

    I would like to know if someone has the IR-12 with the Zenyth II. Does it really delivers the full automatization after you've done your profile? I know that manual will always be a preference if you are always going to be roasting different profiles on different beans. However, this won't be my case since we will be roasting the same beans most of the time. So, automatization means a lot to me.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have not used it but recommend you find IR-12 owners and shoot them an email to ask how they like the Zenyth II. You should also call Diedrich and ask if they can recommend people to speak with who have the system. If you're simply roasting the same thing over and over it should prove it's worth. However, do monitor it and test your batches as changes in seasons, ambient temperature, humidity, etc, play a role and can change the outcome. Most importantly, your green beans will change with time and harvest too! That is the biggest adjustment in automated systems; adjusting for changes in green coffee.



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