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    Increase Acidity, sweetness & fruity notes on a fluidbed roaster


    I have just started to use a Sonofresco fluidbed roaster which i love.

    I'm wondering how i can get better acidity and depth of flavor (fruity/sweetness) using the roast profile.


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    Try this thread. You might want to private message seeingcoffee. He was a fluid bed advocate for years, then hired on with a company that drum roasts. He would be able to provide you with some insight.

    Out of curiosity, you mention that you love the Sonofresco fluidbed roaster yet are looking to improve the quality of the product; to me the product is the reason to love or not love one roasting method or the other. Maybe you feel the problem isn't with the machine, but it's operator, lol? I get that...there is a certain intrigue for the simplicity of fluid bed roasting that is attractive, but it truly should be the product that drives you to prefer the fluid bed roaster over the drum...just sayin'.

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    You can not get the same depth in coffee using an air roaster as you can in a drum roaster. It is just one of those things.
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    I believe high air flow strips off aromatics and leads to a more "brittle" or "thin" taste in the coffee. I believe the high air flow that's inherent with a fluid bed roaster means it'll be very hard to achieve a deep caramelization, especially at a light roast. But take this all with a grain of salt as I have no experience with fluid bed roasters.

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    I agree with Slurp. I just don't think fluid bed roasters can give you the same depth of flavor that you can get with a drum roaster. This being said, I've never roasted on a fluid bed roaster but I have tasted a lot of coffee that was roasted on them and always found them to be lacking expected flavor and acidity.



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