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    Flame keeps going out!

    I'm having an issue with our IR-12 that I'm hoping someone here can help with.

    For some reason, when we switch our airflow to the cooling bin, the flame cuts out. It's OK when airflow is 50/50 and when it's to the roasting drum, but not to the cooling bin.

    I've already checked and re-cleaned the impeller area, the regular chaff build-up areas, and the chaff collector duct pipe. Every area of airflow that I know of is cleared.
    Still I cannot get the flame to stay on.

    If not airflow, I'm worried that somehow the gas line is getting pinched but I can't see that happening. Has anyone dealt with this issue before? If so your advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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    When the flame goes out do you hear the clicking noise of the ignitor trying to light but there is no flame? If so then my guess is that the small tube that hangs down into the impeller area has something stuck in it so the flame control module is shutting off the gas because it thinks there isn't air flow to remove the products of combustion.



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