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    Ballpark number for roasting time on a Renegade 5kg

    Hey guys,

    I know there are a number of variables that go into it, but just trying to gauge the efficiency of our roaster. Roasting 10lb batches at a time, probably averaging around 3 batches an hour. Any insights? This is a specialty coffee shop.

    Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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    I'd guess 11-13 minutes per roast. If it roasts and cools
    At same time, About 4 roasts an hour.
    I generally roast 3 per hr.
    Are you gauging the efficiency of your machine or operator? If it's a specialty coffee shop, good tasting coffee would be what you're shooting for. How's the coffee tasting?

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    How many clients do you have? Perhaps it will be easier to get a second roster? For example, so far only one roster is enough for us. In a pandemic, there are not very many customers now, so on average we roast coffee about 12 times. This usually takes 155-160 minutes. That is about 12 minutes. By the way, 155 is a very cool number that I really like. It has a deep meaning, which you can learn more about at If you need a lot more coffee or you need to speed up this process, then it seems to me that there is only one way out and this is the purchase of a second roaster. I hope you solve your problem. Good luck
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