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Thread: Book of Roast

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    Book of Roast

    Curious to know if anybody here has a review or insider information about Roast Magazine's new book release Book of Roast.

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    The book launch is today at SCA Expo so hopefully we will see a bit more... I've only seen this brief promo: Roast Magazine Releasing Authoritative, 461-Page ?Book of Roast? | Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

    They have added a downloadable table of content:

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    Just got my copy yesterday! Haven't had time to read through it, but at first glance it appears like a complete reference A-Z. I will let you know my thoughts when I get a chance to read it thoroughly.

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    Yes, I am curious as well. I had recently purchased Scott Rao's Roasting Companion book but have not yet made my way through it.

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    Just ordered it. Pumped to read it.



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