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    Common Toper issues? Toper replacement parts I should have?

    Hi folks!

    I have a TKM-SX 5 en route. We live in northern northern Canada. We will be doing some small wholesales and retail.

    Anyhow, I have never owned a Toper nor used one. I am wanting to make sure I have a list of common issues or parts on hand. As we are so far away, it would be a real bummer to have something small (and easy to fix) breakdown and have to wait weeks for a part.

    Any tips?


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    I have a toper 10K (about 10ish years old), and I stock the bearings front and rear, the belts, an igniter electrode, and a gas solenoid.

    Not sure what your 5k will have, but My 10K is completely universal parts, so bearings and belts came from, the solenoid and igniter from, and not needed anything specific since the normal wear items are universal industrial components.

    Oh and some spare probes if you rely on monitoring the roast!
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    Great! Thanks so much



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